Royal Australian Navy

Australian Army

Royal Australian Air Force

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Korean People's Army Ground Forces

Korean People's Army Air Force

Korean People's Navy

Worker-Peasant Red Guards Militia

KPA Reserve Military Training Units

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic Czechoslovak People's Army Ground Forces


Land Force Command

Maritime Command

Air Command


Federal Republic of Germany

French Republic

French Army

French Navy

French Air Force

French National Gendarmerie

German Democratic Republic

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Hellenic Republic

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Royal Netherlands Navy

Royal Netherlands Army

Royal Netherlands Air Force

Kingdom of Norway

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Belgium

Kingdom of Thailand

New Zeeland

Royal New Zealand Navy

Royal New Zealand Army

Royal New Zealand Air force

People's Republic of China

People's Republic of Bulgaria

People's Republic of Hungary

People's Republic of Poland

People's Republic of Romania

Republic of the Philippines

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Republic of China Army

Republic of China Navy

Republic of China Air Force

Republic of China Military Police

Republic of Iceland

Republic of Korea

Republic of India

Indian Army

Indian Navy

Indian Air Force

Soviet Union

Soviet Strategic Missile Troops

Soviet Army

Soviet Air Defence Forces

Soviet Air Force

Soviet Navy

United State of America

United States Marine Corps

United States Army

United States Navy

United States Air Force

United States Coast Guard

United Kingdom

Naval Service (United Kingdom)

British Army

Royal Air Force


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