29th Infantry Division (Light)5th Marine DivisionA-10 Thunderbolt II
A-4 SkyhawkA-5 VigilanteA-6 Intruder
A-7 Corsair IIAir CommandAircraft carriers of the Indian Navy
Armed Forces, Units and OrganizationsB-1 LancerBAC (English Electric) Lightinig
BAeTempestBattle of the Baltic Exits - 21st March 1987.Battle of the Baltic exits ( 21st March 1987),
Battles of the WarBattles of the World War IIIBermuda Insurrection.
Boeing B-52 StratofortressBritish ArmyBritish Army in Canada (BAIC) Order of Battle
British fixed wing airborne early warning aircraftBritish rotary winged airborne early warning aircraftCHERNOBYL AIR RAID – 25 April 1987
Canada's Mobile Command at the beginning of the war in 1985Canadian Army Armoured Force from 1985 to presentCommunist Block Armed Forces (1985-89)
DeletedEuropean UnionF-105 Thunderchief
F-111 AardvarkF-117 NighthawkF-14 Tomcat
F-15 EagleF-16 Fighting FalconF-20 Tigershark
F-22 RaptorF-24 Crusader IIF-4 Phantom
F-8 CrusaderF/A-18 HornetFirst Canadian Army as of middle of 1987
First Jamaica uprising.Group of Soviet Forces, CanadaHawker Siddeley Nimrod
Hungerford Massacre.Indian NavyJohn Bull’s Phantoms
Kara's First Day - by Matt WiserLand Force CommandM-113
M-1 AbramsM-48 PattonM-60 Patton
Maritime CommandMaritime Command (MARCOM) Ships in 1985MiG-21 Fishbed
Military Warships, Vehicles and AircraftMilitary operations and missionsNATO Missions outside Mainland Europe.
NATO and WEU military operation in Eastern Europe 1990 to todayNATO and WEU military operations in Central and Eastern Europe 1989 to 1990Naval Service (United Kingdom)
Operation PUSHKINOperation WATCHTOWER IIOrbat British Army in Canada.
Order of Battle NATO Northern Army Groups 1989-91.Order of Battle Royal Navy during WW3.Order of Battle WEU and NATO 1989 to 1991
Politics & CultureProject 1143 Kiev classRAF Heavy Bomber fleet circa 1989.
RAF Heavy Bombers circa 1989Red dawn +20 WW 3 WikiRoyal Air Force
Royal Canadian Air ForceRoyal Fleet Auxiliary orbat.Royal Netherlands Navy
Royal Netherlands Navy Orbat 1985Royal New Zealand Air Force Orders of Battle 1985-1990Royal New Zealand Air force
Royal New Zealand NavyRoyal New Zealand Navy Orders of Battle 1985-1990Southern/Gulf Front Armed Forces
Southern Canadian Forces FrontSouthern Canadian FrontSouthwestern Front Armed Forces
Soviet ArmySoviet NavySoviet Navy Aircraft Carriers
Soviet Navy CruisersSoviet Navy DestroyersT-62
The First Battle of Houston (1985).The First Battle of San Antonio (1985).The Story of RED DEER 12 - 12th June 1986.
The green movement in europeTimelineU.S. Army Order of Battle: Red Dawn + 20
U.S. Army Order of Battle 1992-presentU.S. Sixth Army Order of Battle 1986-1989UK Home Defence operations 1985-90.
United States Air ForceUnited States ArmyUnited States Marine Corps
United States NavyUnited States Navy Aircraft CarriersUnited States Navy Amphibious Warfare Ships
United States Navy BattleshipsUnited States Navy CruisersUnited States Navy Destroyers
United States Navy FrigatesUnited States Navy Nuclear-powered attack submarinesWEU MILITARY OPERATIONS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA 1985 TO 1990
Wartime Broadcasting Service warning message.
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