MARCOM Ships at the beginning of the war on September 1985:


St. Laurent-class destroyer

Assiniboine (DDH 234)

Fraser (DDH 233)

Margaree (DDH 230)

Ottawa (DDH 229)

Saguenay (DDH 206)

Skeena (DDH 207)

St. Laurent (DDH 205)

Improved Restigouche-class destroyer

Restigouche (DDE 257) undergoing DELEX [Destroyer Life Extension] until 18/11/85.

Gatineau (DDE 236)

Kootenay (DDE 258)

Terra Nova (DDE 259)

Mackenzie-class destroyer

Mackenzie (DDE 261) undergoing DELEX until 16/1/87.

Saskatchewan (DDE 262) undergoing DELEX until 17/6/86.

Yukon (DDE 263)

Qu'Appelle (DDE 264)

Annapolis-class helicopter destroyers

Annapolis (DDH 265) undergoing DELEX until 15/9/86.

Nipigon (DDH 266)

Iroquois-class destroyers

Iroquois ( DDH 280)

Huron( DDH 281)

Athabaskan ( DDH 282)

Algonquin (DDH 283)


Oberon-class submarines

Ojibwa (S72)

Okanagan (S74)

Onondaga (S73) undergoing SOUP[Submarine Operational Update Program] until 7/4/86.


Bay-class minesweepers

Chaleur (MCB 164)

Chignecto (MCB 160)

Comox Cowichan (MCB 147)

Cowichan (MCB 162)

Fortune Fundy (MCB 145)

Fundy (MCB 159)

Gaspé James Bay Miramichi (MCB 150)

Miramichi (MCB 163)

Quinte Resolute Thunder (MCB 153)

Thunder (MCB 161) 

Auxiliary oiler replenishment

Provider-Class Replenishment Vessel

Provider(AOR 508)

Protecteur-Class Replenishment Vessels

Protecteur (AOR 509)

Preserver (AOR 510)

Research Vessels

Endeavour-class oceanographic research ship

Endeavour (AGOR 171)

Quest-class Oceanographic Research Ship

Quest (AGOR 172)

Diving Support Vessel

Cormorant (ASL 20)

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