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Red Dawn was a 1984 war film which tell of the Communist invasion of an internationally isolated USA, directed and written by John Milius it is often seen as a guilty pleasure and a love letter to the Republican and the Conservative. Now imagine living in a world were this actually happened, where the United States and its few remaing allies were attacked by the Soviets, where ferocius battle were fought at sea, on land and in the air to preserve hope and liberty, where nuclear and chemical weapon were used against the land and the people...the Red Dawn was 25 years ago, World War III ended 20 years this is the world where you live, good night and good luck

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Born more then a year ago as a simple thread imaging how life is twenty years later the end of WWIII as described by the film RED DAWN, it's quickly transformed in a behemoth of more than 300+ pages, and 2 websites not counting this wiki.

With innumerable characters and backstory and view of how the world was, so for keep tab with our little creation and to spread the fun this little project was born...enjoy.



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  • edit United States Air Force
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    Summary: Added Air Force Cross citation (posthumous), Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner
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    New page: Medal of Honor Citation Lt. Colonel Andrew "Andy" Tanner For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond...
    Summary: Added Medal of Honor citation (posthumous) for Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner, USAF
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    Comment: No, its in the movie, soviets along with communists from mexico and other central american countries attack from mexico and more attack accross the...
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    Comment: If U.K is the only NATO country in Red dawn 1984, how are they fighting the soviets? do they fight them via sea and air?

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