Project 1143.7 Ulyanovsk class

A single nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of this class was laid down at Nikolayev in 1988; incomplete at the time of the Armistice, she was eventually broken up on the ways.


Project 1143.5 Brezhnev class

Leonid Brezhnev


Two ships of this class were built at Nikoyalev; Leonid Brezhnev was completed in 1989, just prior to the Armistice, but saw no active service. Riga was incomplete at the time of the Armistice.

Project 1143 Kiev class






Yuri Andropov

Six ships of this class were built at Nikolayev over the course of fifteen years, the first being laid down in 1970 and the last commissioning in 1985, just prior to the outbreak of war. Kiev served with the Northern Fleet; Minsk was torpedoed and sunk by USS Bremerton in 1985 while serving with the Eastern Pacific Squadron; Novorossisysk served with the Pacific Fleet and was lost during the Puget Sound operation in 1986; Baku, Tblisi, and Yuri Andropov were all casualties of the Battle of the Baltic Exits in 1987.


Project 1123 Moskva class



These two helicopter carriers were built at Nikolayev in the late 1960s. Moskva was under refit at Sevastopol when the war began and saw no active service. Leningrad served with the Mediterranean Squadron.

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