U.S. Army Order of Battle: Red Dawn + 20 by Matt Wiser

I Corps: Fort Lewis, WA

6th Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Wainwright, AK

9th Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Lewis, WA

6th Armored Cavalry Regiment: Fort Lewis, WA

II Corps: Fort Patton, AZ

3rd Armored Division: Fort Patton, AZ

8th Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Patton, AZ

14th Armored Cavalry Regiment: Fort Huachucha, AZ

III Corps: Fort Hood, TX

1st Cavalry Division: Fort Hood, TX

2nd Armored Division: Fort Hood, TX

3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Polk, LA

5th Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Polk, LA

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment: Fort Hood, TX

V Corps: Fort Riley, KS

5th Armored Division: Fort Knox, KY

1st Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Riley, KS

2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment: Fort Knox, KY

VIII Corps: Fort Pershing, Deming, NM

1st Armored Division: Fort Pershing, NM

4th Armored Division: Fort Bliss, TX

4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Fort Carson, CO

7th Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Carson, CO

9th Armored Cavalry Regiment: Fort Bliss, TX

X Corps: Fort Bradley, Mexicali, BC

23rd “Americal” Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Bradley, BC

17th Airborne Division (Air Assault): Fort Collins, Santa Rosalia, BC

10th Armored Cavalry Regiment: Fort Bradley, BC

XVIII Airborne Corps: Fort Bragg, NC

82nd Airborne Division: Fort Bragg, NC

101st Airborne Division (Air Assault): Fort Campbell, KY

10th Mountain Division: Fort Drum, NY

24th Infantry Division (Mechanized): Fort Stewart, GA

12th Armored Cavalry Regiment (Light): Fort Bragg, NC

U.S. Army South: Roosevelt Roads, PR

IV Corps: Quarry Heights, Panama

11th Airborne Division: Fort Clayton, Panama

U.S. Army Pacific: Fort Shafter, HI

IX Corps: Fort Shafter, HI

2nd Infantry Division: Fort Buckner, Saipan/Fort Stillwell, Guam

25th Infantry Division (Light) Schofield Barracks, HI

173rd Airborne Brigade: Kruger Barracks, Tinian

U.S. Army UK: Alconbury

VII Corps: Greenham Common

83rd Infantry Division (Mechanized): Division HQ at Camp Bulford, Salisbury Plain

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment: Cullybraggen, Stirling

U.S. Army Special Operations Command: Fort Bragg, NC

75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger): Fort Benning, GA

1st Battalion: Fort Benning, GA

2nd Battalion: Fort Bliss, TX

3rd Battalion: Fort Lewis, WA

4th Battalion: Fort Benning, GA

1st Special Forces Group: Torii Station, Okinawa

3rd Special Forces Group: Fort Campbell, KY

5th Special Forces Group: Fort Carson, CO

7th Special Forces Group: Fort Bragg, NC

10th Special Forces Group: Credenhill, UK

160th Aviation Regiment (Special Operations): Fort Campbell, KY


II Corps gains the 40th Infantry Division (Mechanized) (CA NG) upon mobilization

V Corps gains the 35th Infantry Division (Mechanized) (KS, NB, KY NG) upon mobilization

POMCUS Sets for two additional divisions are held in the U.K. for VII Corps.

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