U.S. Sixth Army Order of Battle: 1986-1989

U.S. Sixth Army: Peacetime HQ at the Presidio of San Francisco. Wartime: Phoenix, AZ from 1986-mid 1987. Alberquerque, NM from August, 1987-July 1988. Wichita Falls, TX from July 1988 October 1989. Austin, TX from October, 1988 to 1990.

III Corps:

1st Cavalry Division

23rd Infantry Division (Mechanized)

5th Marine Division

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment

Republic of Korea Expeditionary Corps:

Capital Division

9th "White Horse" Infantry Division

2nd Marine Division

5th Armored Brigade

X Corps:

4th Armored Division

40th Infantry Division (Mechanized) (CA NG)

14th Armored Cavalry Regiment

1st ROC (Republic of China) Mechanized Division

II Corps: (Redeployed from U.S. Fourth Army for LONG RIFLE and BORDER FURY

14th Armored Division

7th Infantry Division (Light)

90th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

9th Armored Cavalry Regiment

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