New York class

Texas (BB-35) - museum ship, Houston. Towed to New Orleans ahead of the advancing enemy, 1985. Returned to Houston after the Liberation.

North Carolina class

North Carolina (BB-55) - museum ship, Wilmington. Reactivated at Philadelphia, 1986.

South Dakota class

Massachusetts (BB-59) - museum ship, Fall River. Reactivated at Boston, 1986.

Alabama (BB-60) - museum ship, Mobile. Reactivated at Pascagoula, 1987.

Iowa class

Iowa (BB-61) - active, Atlantic Fleet. On North Atlantic deployment when war started.

New Jersey (BB-62) - active, Pacific Fleet.

Missouri (BB-63) - undergoing modernization, Long Beach. Recommissioned 1986.

Wisconsin (BB-64) - reserve, Philadelphia. Recommissioned 1986. Received complete modernization postwar.

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